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Naveen takes first place at the Neurosciences Chili cook-off despite never having tried Chili up to that point

The Kick is up and GOOD!


Sumo Citrus Tasting – imagine a 10x Tang, wow!


A Great Summer Training Thanu, and nearly a decade ago her uncle Nag, both are now members of the Hirsch Lab Family


Leah chose to tackle the project that has stumped several grad students, post-docs, and PI’s for decades, after teaching herself protein modeling over the past 4 months…we are off to a great start!


Horsing around or the first AAV Gene Therapy for a common form of Horse Blindness??!! Rock on Brian! FYI – not smart to wear sandals to a  horse farm – rookie mistake!
Mike Ayers Creates an AAV Masterpiece from a single log with his Chainsaw!


Life’s too short! Culmination of Months of Experimentation!


Serious Bizness!
JOVE 2022
a valued Hirsch lab tradition – Pizza Friday re-instated (Mint Indian Cuisine)!!


4 Corner’s wings with homemade rosemary potatoes


Chicken Sandwich Wars…
ya we’re doing it!! Detailed analyses to follow…


Good Luck Dr. Bastola! Another post-doc off to Industry


Our 3rd Cover this year! Congrats Dr. Song!
this one is very important for AAV Gene Therapy in General…first publication in a research direction i started as a post-doc over a decade ago…


Happy to have this important work be chosen as the journal’s cover article!


Made to Order ALL YOU CAN EAT sushi! That giant spread is just Round 1! If in Chapel Thrill – visit Mr. Tokyo



UN”SEE” Ophthalmology Party 2020


sluggishly came out of “running retirement” for a great cause, we hope to cross the real finish line soon!
West Coast Rebels!!! I am lucky to have the most respectable and coolest chair in the world, on that hot day he finally appreciated the versatility of my zipper pants…i think
A Great day learning from my BRAVE new mentors!
Congratulations to my collaborator and friend with appreciation to the National MPS Society to get a step closer to a potential safe and effective treatment for MPS1 corneal disease!


Editor’s Choice Sept 2018 Gene Therapy Article about Song’s Research, we also got the Cover! that is a Slit Lamp picture of Song’s cornea – from scientist to Cover Model!
Allen and Sons BBQ, Carolina’s Best
Cackalacky is the Lab’s Mascot


“It takes a village”
sometimes Art mimics Life
Old School Crew

Fried Corn on cob! not bad…
My first Post-Doc, Dr. Kollu, is one of the smartest retinal researchers i know!


don’t try this at home kids!
Toronto’s cheese stick crawl
Next Gen AAV Researchers
Food = Smiles
“with a rebel cell…”
Cookies and Cow Milk

Telmo and Laura taking 1st and 2nd places for their research at the Cornea Conference in Boston!! Congrats!!


Dr. Song happily learning some American Culture